30 Best Action Movies with Badass Female Leads (Global List)

Best Action movies with Badass Female Leads

Best Action movies with Badass Female Leads
Best Action movies with Badass Female Leads

Want to watch badass ladies kicking the butt of wicked people or want to taste some action from highly motivated badass ladies? The list below of action films with female leads will make your day.

I have collected the list of best female action movies that you can watch any given day.

In the early cinema era, only a few women-oriented movies were made compared to the last 30 years of world cinema. It was not believed that a woman can carry the whole movie on her shoulder and do some actions, but some ladies proved the critics wrong and changed the trend such as Sigourney Weaver, Angelina Jolie, Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock and so on.

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Here is the list of 30 best action movies with badass female leads

1. The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

Samantha is a schoolteacher in a small town who is living with her daughter and boyfriend. Eight years before she was found unconscious on a sea beach, and she was 2-months pregnant at that time. She is unable to remember anything including her name as she is suffering from amnesia. So, she hires private investigators to explore her past, not knowing what is waiting for her, how her past was more adventurous. This movie had a separate cult following.

2. This Girl Is Bad-Ass!! (2011)

A Thai-action movie in which a girl who works for mob bosses as a courier girl, caught in the gang war, and the only way out is to deal with them. Starring JeeJa Yanin, for whom you can say is lady Tony Jaa.

3. Chocolate (2008)

A girl with awesome martial arts skills, who is also autistic, deals with ruthless gangs that owe her family money. This money can be used for the treatment of her mother.

Another awesome and one of my favorite Thai-action movies starring JeeJa Yanin at her best.

4. Haywire (2011)

After a mission, a black ops soldier Mallory is backstabbed by a double-crossing agent that almost costed her life. Now she is determined to search for those who did her wrong.

Gina Carano is a former mixed martial artist and this is her debut movie, before this, she did a little cameo on Blood and Bones.

5. So Close (2002)

Two sisters who are deadly assassins are caught between the criminals who hired them and an honest lady cop who is determined to find them. Now the elder sister wants to leave this life but the not younger one is not yet ready. Watch amazing ladies showing awesome martial arts skills.

6. La Femme Nikita (1990)

This is a French action movie where a girl is forced to become an assassin for the government so in return she gets pardoned from her jail term. Complications create when she falls in love and wants to leave the job.

7. The Assassin (2015)

During the 9th century in China a female assassin Nie who executes corrupt government officials by the order of her master fails to complete one mission, so to test her loyalty she is sent to kill a military official, but she falls in love with him and instead protects him.

8. Mirch Masala (1987)

Story of 1940s of British India. A ruthless local tax collector and his men are infamous for rampaging villages. The collector has a thing for women, and his lust bursts out when he sees Sonbai. He wants her, but Sonbai is not a piece of cake, she is strong and brainy. Sonbai with the help of a guard and few local women stand against the collector.

9. Underworld Movie Series (2003-2016)

The story starts with a vampire Selene, who hunts down werewolves. Her parents were killed by werewolves, so she has grudge against them. So, she joins a clan that is into werewolf killing. Meanwhile, she meets Michael who is a doctor, and makes a mission to save him from the werewolves. And this story is continued in the other parts of the movies. It is one of my favorite movies series with lady boss.

10. Alien (1979)

A spacecraft crew receives a distress signal, to find out the real reason behind the signal they head towards the planet and to their horror, they are attacked by aliens. Now, this is a matter of survival of the strongest. This movie is a masterpiece starring Sigourney Weaver that won an Oscar. This is also a movie series and legacy continued on other 2 parts.

11. Coffy (1973)

Coffy is a nurse who is good and honest in her profession. She is shaken when her little sister dies due to a heroin overdose. Now to avenge the drug dealers and drug lords, she disguises herself as a prostitute and starts killing them one by one.

12. Mother (2009)

A widow works very hard every day and takes good care of her son who is mentally challenged. Things become challenging when the body of a young girl is found and the prime suspect is her son. She starts looking for those who framed her son and seeks justice for her son.

13. My Wife is a Gangster (2001)

A lady mob boss, everyone is afraid of her and ruling the world of gangs. Her elder sister is unaware of this who is also going to die soon due to her illness, so she asked the lady boss to get married and have a baby before she dies. To fulfill her sister's dying wish she gets married to a simpleton who is unaware of her wife's identity and the rival gangs are ready to kill her and her husband. One of the best action-comedy movies ever made. This series got continued in the other 2 parts but none of them is related to each other.

14. Crouching tiger hidden dragon (2000)

A stubborn young warrior steals a sword that belonged to Master Li, he seeks out to find the sword and the thief who stole it. And everything is planned by him and a fate.

A masterpiece from Ang Lee that won 4 Oscars and a lot of international awards.

15. Kahaani (2012)

A pregnant lady visits Kolkata from London to find her husband, who has been missing. With the help of local cops, she is not able to find her husband. So she is asked by officials to return, but she is determined to find her husband.

16. Raging Phoenix (2009)

A young rebel girl is determined to find out the real reason behind girls getting kidnapped who has good skills. She is now alone her friends also help her. During this mission, she has to defend and throw kicks and punches.

17. Charlies Angels (2000)

Adaptation of TV series, where three beautiful and deadly girls given a mission by Charlie to find the owner of Knox Enterprises, who has been missing.

18. Lara Croft: Tom Raider (2001)

Lara (Angelina Jolie), an adventurer, seeks out for an artifact that possesses the ability to control time and she has to find it as soon as possible before others who want to use it for the wrong reasons.

It's a movies series inspired by the video game. Up till now, the last segment was released in 2018 starring Alicia Vikander (new tomb raider). This part of the movie is a fresh start to the Lara Croft legacy.

19. Salt (2010)

Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent got accused of planning a kill on the Russian president. Due to which she has to flee and prove her innocence before other agents get their hand on her.

20. Red Sparrow (2018)

A former ballerina, forcefully enrolled by her uncle into a Russian intelligence program and has to go hardcore training and given a mission to snare a CIA agent.

21. The Hunger Games Trilogy (2012)

A young girl is chosen among along with others to participate in a bloody game of death, where other trained participants are skilled enough to kill. But her elder sister Katniss volunteers to replace her.

22. Atomic Blonde (2017)

Before the time of the Berlin wall collapse, an MI6 agent is sent on a mission to find the mole and retrieve the stolen list that has all the names of secret agents.

23. Colombiana (2011)

A young girl saw her parents getting murdered by gangs at her home, however, she managed to escape and reaches to her uncle who took her under his hands and trained her as an assassin. When she is grown up, she is looking for those who murdered her parents in front of her.

24. Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

Another installment of the Terminator saga, but his time it is ruled by the ladies. A terminator is sent back into the past to save a young girl who will ensure the survival of humans in the near future. They get a helping hand from another kick-ass woman, Sarah Connor.

25. Hanna (2011)

Hanna a trained assassin of 16 years old is sent on a mission across Europe. She is not alone, is being helped and guided by an intelligence agent and a team who has their own agenda.

26. Mulan (2020)

As per the order of the Chinese Emperor, one person from a family has to join the army to defend their country and go to war. Mulan whose father is a great warrior, she does not want him to go as he is seriously ill. So she disguises herself as a man and joins the army. This journey will change Mulan's life.

It is a movie adaptation of an animated movie by the same name.

27. The Old Guard (2020)

Immortal Andy who is many hundreds of years old leads a group of mercenaries on a mission who is also immortal. Andy and her team have a vision of Kiki, a soldier deployed on a mission and turns out she is also immortal. They took her under their wings. Meanwhile, a greedy businessman is planning to grab these immortals to find the source of their immortal life.

28. Spy (2015)

Susan works behind the desk in the CIA who is an expert in guiding agents to complete their mission and make an escape route. An agent is compromised on a mission she Susan felt responsible for this failure. So, she volunteers to complete the mission and her mission is a hardheaded and heartless Rayna.

29. Star Wars the Last Jedi (2017)

Rey tries hard to train under Luke, so they can fight against the first order. Hence the legacy goes on but with the next generation of fighters. Daisy Ridley proved her worth in the Star Wars legacy.

30. Kill Bill Movie Series (2003-2004)

Kill Bill
Kill Bill

On the day of her marriage, a lucky pregnant bride becomes unlucky when she was attacked brutally to kill, anyhow she survived but went in a coma and came out of it after 4 years. Now she is determined to find those who did her wrong.

One of the most badass female movies ever made, this one is my personal favorite, and I have no words to describe the beauty of the movie (not true cause I can write a book on this movie). Even a blind man/woman can tell who is behind the movie; Quentin Tarantino. Who else can make this crazy flick?

Conclusion on best action movies with female leads:

So I hope you liked the ultimate list of best action movies with badass female leads.

If you haven't seen any of these action flicks then I insist you should add these movies to your watchlist.

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