16 Best Tiger Movies of all time for Tiger Lovers

Best Tiger Movies of All Time

best tiger movies of all time
Best Tiger Movies of all time

There are very few words in the dictionary that when spoken or heard we get the feeling of fear and excitement at the same time, one of those words is Tiger. You wish to see them but not face them.

You can try that practically, just visit any tiger safari, not the ones that are bounded but the wild ones with no boundaries, and there is a saying in these places that 'you have 1% chance of sighting the tiger but the tiger has sighted you 100%.'

So I have sorted some of my favorite best tiger movies of all time and made a list that you may like.

These movies with tigers in them are not only with 1 or 2 scenes of tiger attacks but the whole movie is based on tigers.

Here is the List of 16 Best Tiger movies of all Time

1. The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale (2015) Watch on Youtube/Amazon Prime

The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale (2015)
The Tiger: An old Hunter's Tale

A drama-action Korean movie, where a tragic incident made Man-Duk to stop hunting even the government failed to tempt him to hunt down the last remaining tiger until another tragic event strikes him when the same tiger pounces on his son.

2. Two Brothers (2004) Watch on Youtube/Amazon Prime

Two Brothers (2004)
Two Brothers (2004)

This movie is my all-time favorite, I can watch it any given day cause this movie is the perfect blend of action, emotion, drama, chills and one of the best feel-good movies.

Two tigers cubs got separated when their mother is hunted down in the jungle, one cub rescued by the hunter but sold to a circus, another adopted by the well-to-do family. Years later, they meet again with the help of the same hunter.

3. The Ghost and the Darkness (1996) Watch on Amazon Prime

The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)
the ghost and the darkness

Do you love Africa with lions? Then this is the movie to watch. I know, this movie has no tiger, but worth a watch, well belong to the same cat family, aren't they.

A ruthless diplomat sends an engineer to the wilderness of Africa where lions created a menace hunting down the poor laborers, thus killing the progress of building the bridge. Engineer is given the task to increase the progress and hunt the lions down, whom people call ghosts.

4. Life of Pi (2012) Watch on Youtube/Amazon Prime

Life of Pi (2012)
life of pi

A publisher searches for a story and he found Pi Patel, then Pi narrates down his life from a small kid to teenager, when he lost his family and was left alone in a lifeboat but with a fearsome tiger. How he fought against the odds and created a space of survival for the tiger and himself.

5. Junoon (1992) Watch on Youtube

Junoon (1992)

A young man is attacked by the tiger while his friend is dead, he survived. After few days, he came to know that the tiger was cursed and now the curse has passed on to him and this changes his life as a human.

6. Kaal (2005) Watch on Netflix

Kaal (2005)
Kaal (2005)

Four young people visit the forest where people are getting killed mysteriously. Kali, a villager, helps them to escape the forest and the claws of the tiger.

7. Savage Harvest (1981) Watch on Youtube/Amazon Prime

Savage Harvest (1981)
savage harvest

Saw this movie on a video cassette 2 times and loved it. A family in Kenya got stuck at home surround by blood-thirsty lions, who are eager to devour them. A guide must help the family to escape the wrath of lions.

8. Burning Bright (2010) Watch on Youtube/Amazon Prime

Burning Bright (2010)
burning bright

A girl and her younger autistic brother face a threat to their life when their stepfather brings home a wild beast, a tiger. Now, she is stuck at home with her brother and the wild beast, she has to save herself and her brother too from the claws of the tiger.

9. The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014) Watch on Youtube/Amazon Prime

The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014)
the taking of tiger mountain

It is not a totally tiger-dedicated movie, but worth a watch cause the tiger and man fight is choreographed beautifully. The year is 1946, the Chinese civil war where bandits are ruling and killing mercilessly. A soldier joins them disguised a bandit in order to finish the gang.

10. Man-Eater of Kumaon (1948) Watch on Amazon Prime

Man-Eater of Kumaon (1948)
man eater of kumaon

It is a movie adaptation of a book by the same name by Jim Corbett, where a British doctor in India and a native couple join hands to hunt down a tiger.

11. Pulimurugan (2016) Watch on Youtube/Amazon Prime

Pulimurugan (2016)
Pulimurugan (2016)

Murugan, a simple but brave man saves villagers from tiger attacks with his skills. He got framed by a drug lord who takes advantage of his simplicity. Now he has to deal with the drug lord as well as the tiger.

12. A Tiger Walks (1964) Watch on Youtube

A Tiger Walks (1964)
A Tiger Walks (1964)

A circus tiger escapes the cage and creates a ruckus in the town. A sheriff tries to hunt the tiger down to protect the town folks, but his daughter is adamant to save the tiger from being killed.

13. Harry Black and the Tiger (1958) Watch on Youtube/Amazon Prime

Harry Black and the Tiger (1958)
Harry Black and the Tiger

A one-legged hunter tries to hunts down a man-eater in India, and there he meets another man who is hunting down the same tiger and he is also responsible for the hunter's condition. And again due to him, the hunter nearly escapes his death but is injured. Another's man wife helps the hunter to recover. Later the hunter has gone again after the tiger as the lady's son is in danger.

14. Mission Tiger (2016) Watch on Amazon Prime

Mission Tiger (2016)
Mission Tiger (2016)

This movie intends to spread a message of saving tigers showing the root cause of poachers killing tigers. This movie is based on a true story of an Indian forest officer T.R Bijulal from Uttaranchal. He goes undercover to catch poachers and save the tigers from them as well as International Trade Mafia.

15. Tiger Fangs (1943) Watch on Youtube/Amazon Prime

Tiger Fangs (1943)
Tiger Fangs (1943)

Frank reaches Malaya, where Nazis have been doping the tigers, thus turning them into man-eaters and in return, the rubber industry is getting affected. So, Frank and his team try to deal with them and the wild beasts.

16. The Jungle Book (2016) Watch on Prime Video

The Jungle Book (2016)
The Jungle Book (2016)

Mowgli! isn't the word is nostalgic? This is a movie adaptation of a famous book by Rudyard Kipling, where a lost boy in a jungle is raised by a pack of wolves under the guidance of Baloo (bear) and Bagheera (black panther). Everything goes smoothly until arrives the terror Sher Khan who is adamant to devour the child.

So these are the best tiger movies of all time as per my personal choice. Hope you like the list, if yes share it with your family and friends, especially animal lovers.

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